Leading the Industry in Flexibility, Services, and Redundancy


  • Full-site backup generators
  • Redundant and fail-over architecture for every computer system and network/data access
  • Off-site active disaster recovery center with continual data backup

Shipper Integration

  • EDI & Web Services- we support EDI standards and web service API's to and from our customers that electronically place orders, update delivery status, and send invoices
  • Value Added Networks (VANs) – we have multiple VAN capability which allows seamless integration with shippers
  • XML, CSV – we custom develop XML and CSV solutions so that your TMS or other systems automatically communicate with ours

Electronic Invoicing & BOLs

  • Invoice emailing for speed, easy record keeping, and environmental benefits
  • Receive an electronic BOL immediately upon delivery to satisfy all shippers and third parties

On-Line Capabilities

  • Ordering – includes custom address books for each customer
  • Tracking – access for both shipper and receiver
  • Priority Secure ID – Verify any driver online by scanning his badge
  • 1-Click Logon – direct access to the order entry page
  • Reporting – customized customer reporting for any needs
  • View & Print signatures – direct confirmation of authenticated delivery

2-Way Data Communications

  • Mobile Delivery - drivers receive real-time delivery instructions on mobile devices with scanning capabilities which keep them in constant contact with the Dispatch team
  • Mobile Radios - provide immediate communication between drivers and dispatchers and are usable by both parcel and commercial drivers at any time

GPS Vehicle Tracking

  • Immediate knowledge of where your freight is at all times
  • Allows for optimal dispatch and quickest service